Fund Of Funds

Fund of Funds are investment funds that invest in a range of collective investments rather than investing directly into shares, or corporate bonds.

The advantage to you is a professional manager makes the selections from a diverse range of complimentary funds, so you don't have to. You get a spread of investments, which effectively reduces the risk of investing in shares. If one company fails to perform as expected, the knock on effect is much lower.

Run by fund management groups, they select investments that fit a particular criteria, depending on what they are aiming to achieve. They are able to make timely disposals of under-performers and reinvest in funds they identify as being future star performers. 

This expertise does come at a price, as you will pay more for an extra level of management. It requires a certain degree of trust, as you are relinquishing complete control to the fund manager, who selects the individual holdings.

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