Health insurance

Although everyone thinks it will never happen to them, illness, which alters lives permanently, can become a reality. Chances are, you know of someone, or have heard about a colleague that has been affected. These illnesses are never planned, often striking at a critical time. With state support largely focused on emergency treatment, health protection today has become increasingly important.

Whether you're self-employed, totally responsible for your own mortgage or supporting a family, having a financial safety net can alleviate worries and hence speed up recovery. There are four main health insurance products on the market, each delivering very different levels of support.

Some offer crossover benefits, which is why seeking financial advice is important. We can help select the best product for your needs. Call us today for more guidance and let us help you find the best deal with the widest level of health protection.

If in doubt, disclose everything

At application stage for most health related insurance products, you will be asked all sorts of information. Never bend the truth, even a little. If the insurer finds out, they could refuse a payout at a time when you need the financial support most. Make known any medical diagnosis, treatment or tests you've undergone for major illnesses. You must reveal any medication you receive and if you've been turned down for cover elsewhere.

Other things which must be declared include:

  • weight and height, which is used to calculate your body mass index;
  • HIV tests;
  • hazardous pursuits;
  • lifestyle habits, including smoking and alcohol consumption.

Roughly five per-cent of applicants are asked to take a medical. These tests normally apply to higher risks or people wanting large sums insured.

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