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Services Description
Ongoing meetings
Main annual review meeting
Once a year we will hold a face to face meeting with you, during which we will review your circumstances, needs, priorities and establish whether your current investments remain suitable. At your request we can also consider any other financial needs you may have.
Ad hoc meeting In addition to the core services, at any time you can choose to pay for an extra meeting, if perhaps your requirements or circumstances change, to discuss your current investments and establish if they still meet your needs.
Main review meeting report (1 per year) Following our annual meeting, we will provide a report confirming our discussions, summarising our findings and outlining any recommendations we may make. The implementation of such recommendations [will / will not] be subject to an addition fee.
Ad hoc report If you choose to have an extra meeting, we will provide a report summarising our discussions and any recommendations we may make. The implementation of such recommendations [will / will not] be subject to an addition fee.
Investment approach
Re-balancing (2 per year) We will recommend you invest in an appropriate mix of assets to match the level of risk you are prepared to take. To ensure our recommendation remains consistent with your original requirements, twice a year we will re-balance the asset allocation. This approach will ensure we can keep your ongoing management fees appropriate and affordable.
Telephone / email assistance via the office You can telephone or email the office at anytime during working hours for assistance. Where appropriate, we may suggest an ad hoc meeting for more complex queries / needs.
Proactive client contact Where we become aware of market changes or changes in legislation / taxation which may affect you, we will contact you to discuss the impact on you and your investments. Where appropriate, we may suggest a meeting to explore your options.
Client file retention We will keep your file up to date as your circumstances change and will hold it securely at our offices for as long as you remain a client of ours.
Forward provider correspondence We will forward any correspondence concerning your investments to ensure you are kept up to date with their performance and current value.
Annual newsletter On an annual basis we will sent you our newsletter, which contains useful articles to keep you informed about our firm and financial matters in general.

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